Looking for research participants

Project Title:

Permanent Visitor: New Zealand’s Gay Asian Migrants, Identity, and Mediated Social Exchange

This research study is looking for self-identified gay and/or queer Asian males that are of migrant background aged 18 and above to take part in a study examining how gay mobile dating applications affect their overall experience in New Zealand.

This qualitative study aims to understand how gay Asian male migrants use mobile dating applications to navigate and to interact with New Zealand’s mainstream culture and the local gay culture. It also examines the possible difficulties that they encounter while using these mobile applications, such as discrimination, alienation and hostility due to racial prejudice from other users. Through analysing users interactions on these applications, the project will explore how new identities and life experience could be created for gay Asian male migrants in New Zealand.

To be able to participate, you must:

  • Be 18 years old and above;
  • Identify yourself as Asian (South Asian, East Asian, and South East Asian);
  • Identify yourself as a migrant to New Zealand (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation migrants, newly migrated migrants, and short-term migrants such as international students and expatriates);
  • Self-identified as gay/queer male;
  • Be a user of gay mobile dating applications such as (but is not limited to) Grindr, Bender, Jack’D, Hornet, Scruff and so on.


Eligible participants will be approached to participate in confidential, semi-structured interviews, exploring their experiences and perspectives. Each interview will take up to 60 minutes to complete.



I am undertaking a doctorate research project to study how gay Asian male migrants use gay mobile dating/networking applications (Grindr, Jack’D and Hornet) in New Zealand. Moreover, I am investigating how their differing or similar experience and encounters on various gay dating/networking applications constitute a significant part of their identity construction, as well as the varying degree of their sense of belonging here in New Zealand. This project is to be submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Film, TV and Media Studies, University of Auckland.


You are being asked to take part in a research study based on your experience of these gay mobile dating/networking applications in New Zealand, in relation to your identified social position as a gay Asian male migrant. I would like to interview you because of your personal experience and encounters on this subject. The interview will take up to one hour and may involve a follow-up interview of 60 minutes or less duration if you are willing. The follow-up interview is intended for clarification purposes IF there is a discussion in the initial interview that might need further elaboration. All the questions will be focusing on personal experiences and insights/accounts of these various gay mobile dating/networking applications. You will be asked for your personal opinions and perspectives, and there will be some questions about your personal life.

The information from the interview will be used to address how gay Asian male migrants utilize these mobile applications as a mean of communication and a form of strategy to fit in; additionally, the interview content will be used to examine the potential difficulties, benefits, and challenges that these mobile applications have brought forth to gay Asian male migrant users, in the process of transiting into a new environment and culture.

Your participation is voluntary. The questions will be posed and answered verbally, recorded on a digital voice recorder (with your approval) and transcribed at a later date by me. Since your experiences on these mobile applications are invaluable and important to this project, I would like to be able to quote you verbatim but confidentially in my findings.


Even though the researcher does not intend to identify participants by name, there is a risk that you may be identifiable by virtue of your high profile and/or specific circumstantial information that you might provide during the interview. However, your name will be coded and pseudonymised to protect your confidentiality. Additionally, the researcher will make every effort to minimise the risk of you being identified in any way foreseeable.



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